Keeping Modest While Babywearing

Many Muslim women want to carry their babies using slings or carriers, but are worried that the tightness needed for safety will affect their ability to maintain modesty.

We’ve put together this guide to show you some tips and tricks, carriers that work well and carriers to possibly avoid. It was produced by Marêmé, The Intervention Free Birth Coach and Brianna, The Happy Sling Lady 

Remember the safety guidelines, and be mindful to adjust any clothing or additional fabric away from your baby’s face.

If in doubt, reach out to your local sling library or consultant for support. You can search a directory her, as well as  find lots of useful information:

Tip #1 – Get modified clothing

This jilbab has had zips added to the front and back. A quick and inexpensive change to your clothing that makes wearing with pretty much any sling/carrier possible. You could do this yourself, ask a seamstress or tailor to make the changes, or order a specially made one online. With the added zips you can use any sling/carrier and simply pop baby’s head out of the opening, ensuring their face is clear of excess fabric.

Tip #2 – U Use a poncho or cardigan over both of you

This one shown below is actually a waterfall cardigan (those are arm holes).Here, those holes are instead used for yours and baby’s heads. 

Tip #3 – Put the waistband of the carrier underneath

When placing the waistband of your carrier, put it underneath your jilbab, and use the material to drape over the sides. 

Tip #4 Use a scarf or shawl

If your carrier creates too much shape in the back, use a scarf or shawl to cover. This is especially useful for many slings used for newborns, like a Close Caboo,Baby Bjorn or stretchy wrap. 

Tip #5 Wear/choose a carrier with backpack (rucksack or H style) straps, not crossed

When tightening a cross strapped carrier, more of your body’s outline is shown. With a backpack style carrier, this is far less noticeable. Many brands offer this, and often have the choice of wearing either way.

Tip #6 Use a ring sling, or woven wrap

A ring sling is worn across one shoulder, can be used from newborn to childhood on your front or hip. A traditional sling carry is worn around the body, using a single piece of fabric.