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Despite Covid-19, we are still providing support

In accordance with public health guidance, we are now reading to begin slowly returning to face to face support. You can find our full Covid-19 precautions here: https://happyslinglady.co.uk/covid19-2/

Babies will still be born, want to be carried and families still need evidence based information and support. Online, live help will be available via Zoom workshops, on the Facebook page, on Instagram and in our closed Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1989224614688277

You can still arrange a postal hire, or a contact free doorstep pick up in B65 and receive help via video call (if you don’t get on with it you can switch to something else, free of charge during the hire period). Currently we are offering either hire at a reduced rate of £10 for one carrier for one month, or £15 for two carriers for one month. You can see everything we have available here: https://happyslinglady.myturn.com

However you hire, please ensure you’ll be able to send your carrier back in the same way you received it either by dropping off to B65 or posting.

Pregnant families and those with newborns under 6 weeks, you can take advantage of our stretchy wrap scheme, FREE for 4 weeks and extendable for a further 8 for just £15. I’ll be doing online stretchy wrap workshops so you can practise and troubleshoot.

Video 1:1 sessions, and phone calls are still available so you can still get individualized support, and we are starting to offer socially distanced 1:1 sessions in my garden (weather dependent!)

You can also still purchase a sling/carrier through the library (which really will help us keep going through the tricky times ahead) and get video/messenger/phone support with fitting and set up. We have a range of Tulas, Ergos, Zenslings, Izmis, Boba wraps and Calin Bleu available.

As always, we will do our best to meet your access needs including financially. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Lots of love, stay well and stay connected ❤

Here’s what’s on this month. Virtual events are held online in the closed Facebook group, or you can find the Zoom links below.

6th August 11.30am – FREE Sort My Stretchy Wrap Workshop on Zoom/Facebook 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 768 2962 0468
Passcode: stretchy
10th August 2pm – FREE Virtual Library on Zoom/Facebook Live (https://forms.gle/cKMJTkUJRcUzSvqL8)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 762 4732 2668
Passcode: slings
15th August 11.30am – FREE Buckles for Beginners on Zoom/Facebook Live 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 726 1072 1653
Passcode: buckles
20th August 12noon – FREE Feeding in Carriers Workshop on Zoom/Facebook Live  
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 763 4528 2763
Passcode: feeding

25th August 11am – Outdoors, face to face library in B65, pre-booking essential, limited numbers: https://forms.gle/7JxzzTLGiBDM8qCLA 


Be a part of our carrying community, meeting local likeminded parents and building connections


We will work with you to find a carrying solution that meets the needs of you and your family 


Choose from a range of baby carriers, slings and accessories as well as gift vouchers for consultations or workshops

I’m Brianna Dymond and I am the Happy Sling Lady. I am a fully trained and insured sling consultant and I learned with the Slingababy Training School (Nov 2017) and offer lots of services in the Birmingham area.

Babywearing has supported a lovely, close relationship between me, my partner, my extended family and my children and I am so excited to be able to share the gift of carrying with other families local to me.

A few things we’re great at

We offer a whole range of different carrier services to try and meet the needs of every family. 


Sling library sessions are a chance to meet other local parents and browse slings. You can then hire a carrier for the month to try out. TIme is limited and sessions may be busy.

More Information

Running on the first Monday of the month from our Bearwood Sling meet this is a completely free programme for bumps 37+weeks and babies up to 6 weeks old 

More Information

Excellent if you would like a longer and more personalised session than at a library/workshop. I come to you so need to even leave the house! Perfect for newborn carrying, in depth skills like wrapping or for those with additional needs or special circumstances

Book Now

Want to learn a particular skill? Or maybe just have a general overview of carrying options? Workshops can go over in more detail in a small group setting, ideal for perfecting something like back carrying or preparing for a new baby. If you’re a healthcare professional or run baby/group class I would love to work with you. 

More Information

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Booked a 1 to 1 session as I am a sling novice. Brianna was so knowledgeable, she made me feel relaxed, answered all my questions/ concerns. I ended up with a beautiful stretchy wrap for my newborn and I have the confidence to use it. Highly recommend


Brianna is very welcoming and so helpful. I’ve so far loaned a wrap and a zensling and have ended up purchasing a zensling from Brianna with her discount as we loved it and my little one was so happy in it. Brianna is on hand to answer questions via her page or messenger too so when I needed some help with adjustments she sent videos and advice. Can’t fault the service and support and it’s so cheap to loan the wraps and carriers to have a go. As you can’t really tell until you try. This is an invaluable service and I’ve been spreading the word around my mum friends as the sling librarys are so friendly and helpful….there are also refreshments, so you can take your time and have a go with the slings and not feel rushed.


I’ve been to Brianna’s sling libraries several times and she’s so helpful! It’s a fantastic opportunity to try out different slings at the library and then hire them to see how you get on at home! This was so Useful for me as it meant I could try out quite a few different slings to make sure it was right before making my purchase!  The atmosphere is the sling library is really relaxed and friendly and Brianna is lovely!
Highly recommend x


Our Team

We are a team of local parents, all with very young children of our own and a passion for carrying! All volunteers, we give our time and experiences to share the love and joy that we have found in slings. In 2019, we all undertook a Born to Carry peer supporter training course. 


Sling Consultant

My mission: support and empower families to carry their babies safely for as long as they want to using accessible and respectful communication   


Volunteer Sling Librarian

When I had my first I tried to wrap a stretchy from a YouTube video and ended up in a big knot. I volunteer so that no other new extremely tired new mom ends up in the same situation! I want to support and empower mothers to feel like they can do anything they set their mind to. Volunteering has done that for me


Volunteer Sling Librarian

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Volunteer Sling Librarian


Volunteer Sling Librarian


Volunteer Sling Librarian


Volunteer Sling Librarian


Volunteer Sling Librarian


Helpful hints, tips and tricks to support you in your carrying journey. Want to guest blog for us? Send me an email! brianna@happyslinglady.co.uk

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