What happens at a sling library?

You’ve found the Happy Sling Lady. You’ve seen the Sling Library events on the Facebook page. You have a baby (or a bump, or a toddler) and you’re wondering what we do.

When and where? 

Solihull, Magic Bean Coffee Shop

Cotteridge Milk Mates

Dudley, Odeon Merry Hill

Every session is FREE to attend, you, your little ones and your supporters are all welcome to come.

Sometimes these fall in school or bank  holidays and need to be re-arranged so please check the most up to date time/date information on the events tab of our Facebook page

All sessions are drop in but you can book tickets online using the links above. We ask that you sign in when you arrive and we see people in that order (some sessions are very busy so it’s advisable to arrive as early as possible). As some venues are offered to us for free, and sell hot drinks and refreshments we do ask that no other food or drink is consumed while at the libraries in those venues.

All the venues we use are suitable for toddlers to come along to, with changing facilities and toys. They are wheelchair accessible and have accessible toilets.

Who can come?

Sling libraries are aimed at parents/carers/families and their children. Please be aware that space can sometimes be limited, and if you plan to bring toddlers or older children it might be a good idea to bring a friend/family member with you so you can focus on learning to use the sling you are planning to hire (but if you can’t don’t let this put you off – our volunteers are very experienced toddler entertainers!) Expectant families are welcome too! Solihull especially is limited on room for pushchairs, so please come without one if possible

We can listen to your needs, make suggestions and or support you with something you already have. Common questions we ask are around yours and baby’s physical wellbeing, baby’s size/weight, anything you may have tried before and if there are particular things you find challenging (e.g. knots or buckles).

So, what happens at a sling library and is it for you?

Sling libraries are what they say – like a book library, there are a range of different slings to browse, try on and borrow. I (Brianna) run them as a trained and insured sling consultant alongside incredible volunteers, and I hope to help as many families as possible start and continue their carrying journeys.

When you arrive, please do find a place you are comfortable. You may not be greeted immediately (for which I can only apologise – we love to help as many families as possible and they get can get very busy). We work in order of arrival, spending around 10 minutes with each family, sometimes grouping families with similar needs together. You are welcome to watch and listen in to demonstrations. Sometimes, if you are feeding/changing/settling your baby, I may come back to you later.

I have weighted dolls for you to practise with – especially useful if you have a bump or a sleeping baby!

You can then hire a sling for the month, to be returned at the next meet for a cost of £10. You can see all available slings and make reservations here: https://happyslinglady.myturn.com

If you know that’s the sling for you, and you’d like to purchase, I do keep some styles in stock for you to buy – just ask! I can also access discounts for library users on a huge number of brands so if you are wanting to buy please let me know. Despite this, we still just want to find the carrier that works for you whether we sell it or not so you may need to buy online or preloved once you’ve found it.

For some people, a group setting might not appeal. If you have considerations that may mean it would take longer than the 10 minute slot available at a library meet, you may want to think about booking a private consultation or onto one of my workshops (currently running newborn stretchy wrap, buckled carrier, back carrying and introduction to woven wrap workshops). These are bookable here: https://happyslinglady.as.me

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