Sling Instructions

Here are some useful links, videos, and instructions.

Sling Safety

Carrying Matters: Sling Safety

TICKS Guidelines

Getting Started with Babywearing

Carrying Matters Types of Slings

Carrying Matters: Why Carrying is Important

Keeping Modest while Babywearing

South Essex Slings Breast/Chestfeeding in Slings YouTube Playlist

South Essex Slings Bottle Feeding in Slings YouTube Playlist

Bambino Baby: Carrier Size Comparison Chart (measurements)

Sheen Slings Tutorial List

Carrying Matters: Carrying in Special Circumstances

Generic Videos

Where does the waistband go on a buckle carrier?

T-Shirt Method for Chest Clip

Specific Sling Instructions

2 way stretchy wrap (video)

1 way stretchy wrap (video)

All Ergobaby Instructions

All Tula Instructions

Zensling Instruction Manual/Zensling Instruction Video (newborn)

Beco Gemini

Lenny Lamb Go/Up/Upgrade