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It’s Real Nappy Week 2018!  Let’s #MakeClothMainstream #RNW2018

Every year in April, the reusable nappy industry celebrates Real Nappy Week. This year it will be happen across the UK from Monday 23rd April to Sunday 29th April 2018. It’s all about raising awareness of the benefits reusable nappies has on:

  • Our environment – by using reusable nappies, parents will reduce 8 million single-use plastic nappies ending up in landfill and incineration a day in England.
  • Your pocket – save up to £1,000 by switching to reusable nappies.
  • Your baby – breathable soft natural fabrics, which are comfortable and gentle on your baby’s skin.

If you’ve been considering using real nappies but been unsure for whatever reason, please read on for more information, local resources and a Birmingham dad’s story of using cloth with his children.

Did you know locally we are lucky to have Birmingham Cloth Nappy Network and Black Country Fluffy Bums nappy libraries? Both Dudley and Sandwell councils have cashback schemes for real nappy purchases. You may also find this week a great time to take the plunge and make a purchase as there are some great deals on a huge range of websites and across different brands.

Thank to Dr Sam George, father to 2 and passionate cloth nappy advocate for sharing his experience below. You can find him on Twitter @starrydude

Real nappies and us

Before our first child I was completely unaware of the huge range of cloth (or bamboo!) based nappies there are. In my mind it was disposable (which was not acceptable for waste) or the old school big towelling. I didn’t fancy the latter given I regularly mess up the folding in maps. Fortunately my wife and the NCT had better information. Since then we have had about 10 different makes/designs. We’ve handed on some of the ones we didn’t like. We must have had thousands of poos and for the most been absolutely contained by the designs. Of course there are some that are better and some that are worse. That said the ones that worked better for my son initially were not the ones that always did. His shape changed and so that altered the effectiveness of the nappies. It is the same for our daughter. We even mix and match components now. All works really well. Yes there is a bucket of washing to do. It can smell but so can one’s bin! The key is to swill out and wash fairly often, you’ll need to anyway as they get through them fast.

We’ve had moments with disposables. They have a place (planes and camping to name a few) but I’m so pleased we went the reusable way. I just think how much landfill we have avoided.

Dr Sam George @starrydude


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