Carrying in the Inbetween

There are plenty of articles about carrying in the cold (particular favourite of mine is this excellent piece from Carrying Matters), but what about in this awkward in between time? When rain is more likely than snow, walking at any pace with a tiny radiator attached becomes somewhat sweaty and you may be running in and out of shops?

1. Ditch the snowsuit and layer up!

It’s really hard to get a snowsuit off a baby in a sling, a bit easier to whip off a cardigan and super easy to take off a hat or blanket. Same goes for you – a scarf or hat is easier to remove than trying to take off a jumper from under a carrier. Using a snowsuit with a baby in a carrier can lead to overheating, straps sliding and discomfort for both of you. Remember that layers of carrier over a baby can count as clothing, and the heat from both of your bodies will contribute to your overall warmth.

2. Bring an umbrella

A great benefit of being hands free means you have a hand to hold an umbrella – perfect for in and out of places, or when it’s just a bit too warm to wear your raincoat around you both. You can also put a rain mac over the arms of your carrier to protect a baby on your front- this video from Worthing Sling Library shows you how.

3. Tie your wrap before you leave the house

If you’re going somewhere in the car, pre-tie your wrap. Then you can hop in the back, pop baby in, put up the aforementioned umbrella and be away.

4. Don’t forget extremities can be colder than your body

Chuck a pair of your socks in your changing bag to put on your baby’s legs – they’ll likely reach right up their thighs and will add an extra layer to those bits not covered by the sling.

How are you coping with this inbetween weather? Is there anything I’ve missed?



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